Charlies Soap Hard Water Treatment, Booster 2.64 Lb

Fragrance free. Safe for the environment. Live green. Deep clean. Fights stains, whitens whites, softens clothes. Hypoallergenic. HE. Safe for anything washable and safe for the environment. Hard water is a problem for laundry. You know it when you have it: stiff, stained and even smelly clothes. Normal laundry boosters can leave a dingy, stiff irritating residue on your clothes. Certain phosphates can safely eliminate these problems and be environmentally friendly, providing nutrients to aid biodegradation. They become a problem only with overuse. Fights stains, softens clothes, brightens whites. Charlie's Soap Booster and Hard Water Treatment uses a simple phosphate that: Softens your wash water. Allows Charlie's Soap for Laundry to work better in the wash. Rinses completely leaving no residue on your clothes. Aids in natural biodegradation in the environment, when using 1 tbsp. per wash. Keeps your clothes and the environment dean. Contains: Potassium diphosphate. Non-toxic & biodegradable. Please recycle. Made in the USA.

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