Pine Mountain 4 Hour Firelog 4.8 Lb

Pine Mountain - Your mountain retreat begins. Fast, easy lighting. Simple, no mess. Clean burning. 4 Hour (variations in fireplace and climatic conditions may alter duration of burn). Fireplaces; Fire pits; Campfires. Crafted from real hardwoods. If your fireplace is functioning properly, emissions of this product should be vented outdoors. A properly installed and maintained fireplace and chimney will dramatically reduce the likelihood of combustion by-product's entering your home. An inadequate air supply or downdraft could cause a fireplace malfunction. If you suspect that your unit is not functioning properly, a qualified contractor should be consulted. Classified UL listed: Processed solid fuel for use in factory-built fireplaces 7L47. Learn more about Pine Mountain Firelogs at or call us toll-free at us toll-free at (871) 402-5185. These Firelogs are made with recycled biomass products such as hardwood sawdust and ground tree nutshells. Made in USA with wrappers from Canada.

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