Duraflame Fire Logs, Stackable, Crackling 3 Ea

Lights easier & burns better than wood. For indoor & outdoor fireplaces. Burn 2-3 logs for each fire. USDA certified biobased product. Product 100%. Less emissions than wood. Indoor fireplaces. Outdoor fireplaces. Wood stoves. Typical Evening Fire: Just 3 Stax logs burn for up to 3 hours, better than an entire 25-30 lb bundle (5-6 pieces) of store-bought firewood. 3 Stax logs (9.6 lbs): 25-30 lbs of firewood. The Next Generation of Fire: Better than Wood: Easy to light - full flames in less than 5 minutes. Burn fewer logs than wood for a similar duration fire. Emits significantly fewer pollutants. Clean to handle and easy to store. Different than Fire Logs: Stackable - burn two logs at a time. Split wood shape - burns with charred appearance and crackling sounds of wood. More heat output - 50% more BTU heat energy per fire. Can be use in wood stoves. www.duraflame.com. Typical evening fire: Just 3 Stax logs burn for up to 3 hours, better than an entire 25-30 lb bundle (5-6 pieces) of store-bought firewood. Made From 100% Renewable Resources: Stax logs are made from recycled wood fiber and agricultural biomass combined with renewable, non petroleum bio-waxes and plant oils. Resource Efficient - Saves Trees: 3 Stax logs (9.6 lbs) produce an equivalent fire to burning an entire 5-6 log bundle (25-30 lbs) of firewood saving valuable natural resources. Less Emissions than a Typical Wood Fire: Stax logs use less material than wood for an equivalent duration fire, resulting in lower or comparable emissions depending on appliance used. Particulate Matter Emissions: Fireplace 50% less; Conventional wood stove (pre-EPA) up to 80% less; EPA-certified wood stove lower or comparable. Other Pollutants: Applies to most common types of fireplaces and wood stoves: 35%-50% less carbon monoxide. 60%-95% less VOCs [volatile organic compounds]. Source OMNI Environmental Services, Inc. 2008; tests conducted using 0.9 cu ft packaged bundles of firewood. Wood stove emissions vary depending on specific appliance and usage. Air Quality Advisory (Nov-Feb) Use of this and other solid fuels may be restricted at times by law. Please check 1-877-4No-Burn or http://www.8774NOBURN.ORG before burning. This box is SFI certified. Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified sourcing. www.sfiprogram.org. Corrugated recycles. www.duraflame.com. Made in USA.

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