Stubbs Charcoal Briquets, Bar-B-Q, 100% All Natural

It's time you experience real charcoal. Stubb's Natural Charcoal Briquets are made with all natural ingredients that provide its users with a Texas Bar-B-Q experience unlike any other! You will smell and taste the difference. Stubb's is not only a healthier Bar-B-Q experience, it's a better fit for the environment. It's made of all renewable natural resources, 95% hardwood charcoal, and 5% vegetable binder. You will find that most other briquets contain coal and chemical ingredients, as well as fillers like sawdust and limestone. You want to see how Bar-B-Q's done in Texas - try Stubb's Natural Charcoal Briquets! The History of the Legendary Stubb: A west Texas hero with hands the size of briskets, C.B. Stubb Stubblefield didn't just make Bar-B-Q, he made friends. His wide, trademark smile roped anyone into the spirit of the moment, whether it was singing the blues or savoring his smokey brisket, ribs and beans. Stubb bottled his first sauce in jam jars and whiskey bottles to share his secret recipe with friends. Today, Stubb's legacy continues to grow with, his full line of Bar-B-Q sauces and marinades, his famous restaurant and now his very own All-Natural Bar-B-Q Charcoal made with 100% Love and Happiness! Product of Mexico.

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