Burns cleaner, hotter & longer. No harmful additives. Made from 100% coconut shells. Eco friendly product. Helps save the environment. Go green. No trees were destroyed creating this product. Here at Coshell we are dedicated to producing the world's best premium charcoal briquets. We have also addressed sustainability issues by producing a charcoal that's environmentally responsible. Our briquets burn longer, hotter and are natural fertilizer for your garden. No harmful additives are used and no trees are felled to produce Coshell Charcoal. We have our own manufacturing facilities and Coshell controls the quality of its products at every stage of production. Enjoy a better barbecue while joining with Coshell to help preserve our planet. Thank you for choosing our environmentally sensible charcoal. We appreciate your patronage and your satisfaction is important to us. For questions or comments, please visit our website at Did You Know?: Coshell charcoal helps clean up the environment by recycling coconut shell waste. Coshell charcoal emits less carbon emissions, burns longer and hotter than wood based charcoals because coconut shells are harder substance. Coshell charcoal contains no harmful ingredients commonly found in most charcoal briquets such as char dust, limestone and treated sawdust. There are over 20 species of trees that are cut down to make other charcoal. These include oak, birch, maple and redwood. Coshell charcoal is eco-friendly, using 100% coconut shells and cornstarch to bind the briquets. Coshell charcoal can be used as fertilizer after use because it's biodegradable and a natural product. Recyclable. Do not litter. Product of Thailand.

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