The original insulated bakeware. It's perforated for perfect crusts! Even baking and browning. Guaranteed not to rust. Dishwasher safe. Insulated aluminum bakeware. No more burning - guaranteed! Even baking. Air. No burning. What is perforated bakeware? AirBake's specially designed perforated holes allow oven heat to penetratte the center of baked foods evenly, while the rounded pan edge prevents burning. The result is no more soggy piza crusts or appetizers. In addition to pizzas, use this AirBake Baking Pan for perfect results with appetizers and bread sticks! Perforated pan allows warm air to move through for crispier crusts. Cakes - no more uneven cakes! Cookies - no more burnt bottoms! Pizza - no more soggy crusts! Our Promise to You: AirBake Natural will provide consistent results with no burning, guaranteed. AirBake will never rust and is backed by 10-year warranty. 10 year limited warranty. www.airbake.com. Made in Brazil.

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