Keurig® 2.0 Hot Brewer Coffee Brewer Starter System 8 ct Box

Model No. K2.0-300. Brews a cup and carafe, at the touch of a button. Features: 60 oz water reservoir; Black & white touch display; 9 brew sizes; Bonus: 4 K-Cup packs, 2 K-Carafe packs. Carafe included! Brews a K-Cup pack. Brews a K-Carafe pack. Works only with Keurig brand packs. Choose from over 40 brands and 250+ varieties. Your new Keurig 2.0 brewer isn't just simple, it's also super smart. The brewer and Keurig branded packs work together to guarantee that when you hit brew, you'll get the perfect beverage. Every time. Always look for the Keurig logo on your K-Cup and K-Carafe packs. The genuine Keurig logo ensures the quality and taste you love! Bonus variety pack included in box. Selection will vary. 2 Pack Sizes: K-Cup pack, single cup; K-Carafe pack, 4-cup Carafe (Maximum dispense volume with a K-Carafe pack is typically 28 oz). 1-866-901-BREW (2739). Visit our website at: Box Includes: Starter Carafe, bonus variety pack of 2 K-Carafe packs & 4 K-Cup packs. Mug not included. Not compatible with My K-Cup accessory. K300 Features: 250+ coffees and specialty beverages; 9 brew sizes; 60 oz water reservoir; Strength control; Black & white touch display; Works only with Keurig brand packs. UL listed for household use only. Products may differ slightly from pictures on box. Visit our website at: Enjoy this carafe to get you started brewing K-Carafe packs! See carafe upgrades at your retailer and Look for the Keurig logo on K-Carafe packs. It's the key to unleashing special brewing features. Made in China. Printed in China.

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