Osteo Bi Flex Joint & Energy, Coated Tablets 74 Ea

Dietary Supplement. 2 per day. Provides energy and support. Helps strengthen your joints. Joint Shield plus glucosamine & chondroitin. 2 per day. 74 coated tablets. Free of gluten. Are you ready? Every minute of every day, the world asks the same question. Are you ready? Ready for your first step? Your next step? To walk? To run? To soar? Your joints? They're where motion begins. Osteo Bi-Flex was created to nurture and help defend those joints. To make sure they're always ready to perform. To give you the freedom to chase your joy. So that can always be - ready for action. Your mind is always focused and at the top of your game so make sure you give your body what it needs to keep up. Osteo Bi-Flex has Joint Shield, which helps maximize flexibly and agility so you can perform the way you want to. Joint & Energy helps defend your joints, promote joint mobility, and support energy metabolism, so you can give it everything you've got, every day. Active joints deserve the best possible support, so fuel your body the right way and elevate your game with Osteo Bi-Flex edge Joint & Energy. Osteo Bi-Flex edge is manufactured under the highest standards for product quality, purity and potency. To learn more about Osteo Bi-Flex edge visit www.osteobiflex.com. Individual results may vary. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease).

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