Summer's Eve Sheer Floral Daily Feminine Wipes, Removes Odor, P H Balanced, 12 Count

A refreshing, cleansing experience for your intimate area so you can take on anything. Summer's Eve Refreshing feminine care products comes in a variety of indulgent SafeScents letting you experience that unique, everyday Summer’s Eve readiness. Summer's Eve Feminine wipes are created for your most intimate areas to gently cleanse away the bacteria that can cause odor. Sheer Floral indulgent SafeScent is inspired by spring flowers and gentle enough for your most delicate skin. Uniquely formulated and pH-balanced to match your body's natural chemistry. All Summer's Eve feminine hygiene products, along with every unique scent, are gynecologist tested to ensure they are safe, even for sensitive skin. That’s why millions of women trust our expansive range of gynecologist-tested cleansing and care. Our wide variety of products are made for everybody – whether you’re at home or on the go, want to bask in fragrant lusciousness or no scent at all or want ultra-gentle or high performance. With every Summer’s Eve product you use, know that We See You, We Get You, We Got You.

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