Olay Regenerating Serum, Moisturize, Advanced Anti-Aging 1.7 fl oz

Skin surface renewal starts day 1. Smooths skin and softens texture in just 1 day. What it does: 1. Hydrates for younger-looking skin. 2. Restores skin's elasticity with plumping hydration. How it works: Ultra-lightweight silky formula with advanced amino-peptide complex Il delivers moisturizing ingredients deep into skin's surface. Actual size. Recommended regimen: 1. Cleanse: Cleanse daily with an Olay cleanser to remove impurities and make-up. 2. Prepare: Use an Olay specialty product to prepare skin for the rest of your regimen. 3. Treat: Apply an Olay treatment day and night to target specific concern areas, like around the eye. 4. Moisturize: Apply an Olay anti-aging moisturizer day and night. Use SPF daily for sun protection.

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