Trojan Supra Condoms, Premium, Polyurethane, Lubricant.

America's thinnest non-latex condom. Microsheer. Odor free. America's No. 1 condom. Trusted for over 90 years. Triple tested Trojan quality. For contraception plus STI protection. This polyurethane condom is intended to prevent pregnancy HIV/AIDS, and other sexually transmitted infections. For latex sensitive condom users. No latex allergens; medical-grade polyurethane. Compatible with both water-based and oil-based lubricants. Important Consumer Information: Use this Trojan Supra microsheer polyurethane condom if you or your partner is allergic to latex. Trojan Supra brand condoms reduce the risk of transmitting STIs by providing a barrier against the source of the infection. However, they do not completely eliminate the risks of pregnancy and STIs. There are many STIs. A Trojan Supra brand condom can reduce the risk of STI transmission (such as HIV infection [AIDS] and gonorrhea) to or from the penis. However, some STIs (such as human papillomavirus [HPV] and herpes) can also be spread by other sexual contact. Condoms are highly effective against pregnancy, less than 2 women in 100 get pregnant during one year of typical correct and consistent use. Other contraception methods are more or less effective than condoms. Made in Malaysia.

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