Edge Shave Gel, 6 In 1 7 Oz

1. Cleanse. 2. Moisturize. 3. Protect. 4. Soothe. 5. Soften. 6. Scent. Scratch-n-sniff. Experience the Ultimate. Max results - minimum effort! Edge Ultimate Achiever: Performance enhancing shave gel provides a smooth, comfortable shave with the added benefit of extra clean skin and twice the soothing aloe (than 7 ounce Edge Sensitive Skin Formula) in one easy step. Drenched with clean, invigorating scents this moisture rich gel is sure to intensify your shave and satisfy whomever may come your way. Please recycle when empty. edgeshave.com. Questions? Comments? 1-800-Shavers. Made in USA.

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