Gillette Trimmer, Pro Glide Styler, 3 In 1 1 Ea

1 trimmer; 1 cartridge; 3 combs; 1 battery. Trim. Shave. Edge. Waterproof. For face and body. Trim: 1. Braun engineered technology. Slim and easy to maneuver for even trimming. Shave: 2. Shave with Fusion ProGlide Power. Gillette's most advanced blades (First four blades, available in manual and power). Incredible comfort and closeness. Edge: 3. Designed for crisp, defined lines. Powered by Braun. See insert for specific battery notifications. All Fusion cartridges can be used with all Fusion handles. Comments? 1-800-Gillette. Trimmer/combs/battery made in China.

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