Fixodent Plus Denture Adhesive Cream, True Feel

Flavor & color free. For fulls and partials. Ultra thip tip. Continuous application. Continuous adhesive line. Better sealing effect (vs. Fixodent Neutral. When used as directed). No zinc added (Contains up to 0.2% zinc [12% of the level of other Fixodent cream adhesives] as a result of shared manufacturing lines). With ultra thin tip. A closer feeling to natural teeth (vs. no adhesive). No. 1 Dentist recommended brand (Among those that recommend brands of adhesive). Satisfaction guaranteed! For guarantee, call 800-974-9952 within 60 days with UPC and receipt. Fixodent and forget it! Fixodent and forget it! For more support and information about dentures, proper use of adhesives, zinc and other product ingredients, or any other questions or comments, go to or call 1-800-214-8871. Questions? Comments? Call toll-free 1-800-214-8871.

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