DenTek OraMoist Dry Mouth Relief Patch - 16 CT

DenTek® OraMoist® Dry Mouth Relief Patch. New look. Dentist recommended. Same great product. The #1 mouth moisturizing patch. Time released to work for up to 4 hours. Clinically proven to temporarily relieve dry mouth*. Stays on while eating and drinking. Adheres easily. 16 patches. Natural ingredients. Relieves dry mouth caused by: Medications. Sjogren's syndrome. Radiation. Chemo therapy. Clinically proven to temporarily relieve dry mouth^. Moisturizes & lubricates. Freshens breath. Natural lemon flavor. With xylitol & enzymes sugar free. Long lasting day time & overnight relief. Indications: OraMoist patches promote lubrication of the oral mucosa that may be dry, due to side effects of medication, chemo or radiation therapy, or as a symptom of Sjogren's syndrome, or because of oral inflammation. OraMoist patches provide temporary relief of dry mouth, for 2-4 hours per use. No sugar, glucose or preservatives. Once the OraMoist patch adheres, it slowly dissolves, releasing ingredients that moisten the mouth. OraMoist may be used for night time or day time relief. ^Clinical on file. ©2015.

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