Colgate Toothpaste, Fluoride, Anticavity, Bubble Fruit 4.4 Oz

Cavity Protection Made Especially for Kids Cavity protection is essential for growing adult teeth in kids. Made especially for children ages 6 and up, Colgate Kids Unicorn Toothpaste Pump with Fluoride, Mild Bubble Fruit Flavor is a cavity protection toothpaste that’s an ADA (American Dental Association) accepted children's toothpaste. And it doesn’t stop there, this kids toothpaste is enamel safe and clinically proven to fight cavities while reducing the buildup of plaque with regular brushing, fortifying the enamel, and keeping breath fresh for growing kids. Healthy Smiles With Colgate At Colgate, we make toothpaste that promotes healthy smiles. Not only because having a healthy smile is important to your overall health, but because when you have a healthy smile, you actually smile more – and that’s a powerful thing. Smiles are the simplest form of optimism, something we need now more than ever. That’s why we’re committed to raising oral healthcare standards everywhere.

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