Biotene Toothpaste, Pbf, With Xylitol 4.5 Oz

Removes plaque-biofilm where bacteria hide. Plaque-biofilm dissolving action. Enzyme action with fluoride + calcium. Deep cleaning action. Longer lasting freshness. Enhances tooth whiteness. No. 1 dry mouth brand (data on file). No. 1 dentist recommended brand for dry mouth. Removes plaque-biofilm where bacteria hide. Plaque is a biofilm created by bacteria to hide within. Dentists know that biofilm can lead to hard-to-remove tartar and excessive bacteria - the leading causes of bad breath and gum disease. Biotene PBF Toothpaste's patented enzyme technology dissolves the plaque-biofilm where harmful and odor causing bacteria hide! Biotene PBF is a breakthrough in oral cleaning and is essential for anyone having dry mouth or oral irritations. To maximize the effectiveness, Biotene PBF also contains the proven LP3 Salivary Enzyme System to strengthen the body's antibacterial defenses, inhibiting harmful bacteria - maintaining a healthy oral balance. SLS-free low foaming formula. Made in USA.

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