Playtex Tampons, Organic Cotton, Regular 16 Ea

New! 100% Organic cotton. 360 degrees protection with a positive impact. Plastic comfort tip. Since introducing the first plastic applicator for comfortable protection, we've never stopped working to make our tampons better. That's why we created a new kind of tampon made with two different materials. Each Playtex Clean Comfort applicator is designed with a plastic tip where comfort counts and eco-friendly cardboard for the rest. With 100% organic cotton and 40% less plastic, (Vs. Playtex Sport Regular Absorbency Tampons) it's period protection with a positive impact. 360 Degrees Protection: 100% Organic Cotton: 360 degrees design free from chlorine, fragrances and dyes. Comfortable Feel: Plastic Where it Matters: For comfortable insertion. 40% Less Plastic (vs. Playtex Sport Regular Absorbency Tampons): Eco-Friendly Cardboard Plunger: Eliminates up to 140 plastic plungers a year (Assuming 12.1 tampons used per cycle per person and 12.2 tampons used per month per person).

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