Maxim Pads, Classic Contour, Regular, Unscented 16 Ea

100% Natural cotton, hypoallergenic. Eco-friendly, chlorine/dioxin free, no chemicals, viscose or rayon. Special breathable interlace cotton cover sheet. Maxim pads are made with 100% natural cotton absorbent core. They are viscose or rayon free to reduce the risk of irritations & allergy. No chlorine or dioxin are used in our entire bleaching process. All our organic and natural feminine hygiene products are hypoallergenic, designed with quality materials and comfort in mind for today's active woman. This product adheres to the following standards to keep your body an earth safe: Natural cotton - viscose/rayon free absorbent core; Hypoallergenic - skin allergy free; Gynecologist tested - Designed & developed under gynecological supervision; Breathable - natural breathable layers admit air to skin for added dryness + better health; Biodegradable - dissolves quickly, easily, safely and naturally; Soft top layer - soft and discrete surface are comfortable to wear; Chlorine & dioxin free - no chlorine or dioxin is used in the bleaching process; Perfume free - all Maxim products are unscented; Absorbency - Maxim Pads are available in array of absorbency level needs; Outstanding protection - central core pulls fluid flow away from the body for maximum dryness; Total freedom - Maxim Pads are made to leave you feeling clean, fresh and confident. We are so confident that you'll be satisfied with Maxim products. Maximize you green potential. Lab tested. By using cotton products, you are contributing to the prevention of tree felling to obtain cellulose pulp.

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