Massengill Douche, Extra Cleansing, Vinegar & Water 2 Ea

Naturally cleanses. Specifically formulate to women's pH. Comfort glide tip. Uses: This product is not medically necessary. You may want to douche: After your menstrual period. After sexual intercourse. To wash away left over vaginal medications (if instructed by your doctor). To wash away residues from contraceptive jellies or creams (check contraceptive instructions first, as some must be left in vaginal area for a certain period of time after sex). When can a woman douche. Any woman who has had her first menstrual period. If you are a virgin or your hymen has not been broken consult with your doctor first. Questions? 1-866-255-5202 (English/Spanish) weekdays. Your call will remain confidential. Flexible neck. Contains purified water. Dye free, color free.

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