Certain Dri Anti Perspirant 1.2 Oz

Misc: Stops excessive perspiration for 72 hours. No. 1 doctor recommended. The most effective anti-perspirant you can buy without a prescription. Certain DRI contains aluminum chloride, the ingredient prescribed by doctors to patients with excessive perspiration or hyperhidrosis. Laboratory studies prove that aluminum chloride is more effective and longer lasting than other ingredients found in anti-perspirants, yet safe when used as directed. 3 times longer lasting protection. Even after 72 hours, in an independent test, Certain DRI Clinical Strength Anti-Perspirant proved more effective and longer lasting (June 2005). The Certain DRI Protection System: If you suffer from excessive perspiration, The Certain DRI Protection System offers complete underarm security and confidence under all situations: At night to control excessive perspiration, use Certain DRI Anti-Perspirant. In the morning for all day freshness and deodorant protection, use Certain DRI A.M. Underarm Refresher. For further information, visit our web site at www.certaindri.com. The most effective anti-perspirant you can buy without a prescription. Guaranteed Satisfaction: This product is guaranteed to give you superior anti-perspirant satisfaction when used as directed. If you are not completely satisfied, send the purchase receipt to the address on the box for a full refund. www.dsehealth.com.

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