Tecnu First Aid Antiseptic Gel, Maximum Strength 6 Oz

Other Information: Store at 59 to 86 degrees F (15 to 30 degrees C). Misc: Skin protectant topical analgesic First Aid Antiseptic Gel. Outdoor solutions since 1962. Relieves itch and pain, poison oak/ivy, insect bites, sunburns and more! First Aid Antiseptic skin protectant topical analgesic maximum strength anti-itch. Travel size offer includes Singe use Tecnu Original. Questions? Call 1-800-Itching. Serious side effects may be reported to this number. Calagel and Tecnu can work together. Were you exposed to poison oak, ivy, or sumac? If so, you should cleanse thoroughly with Tecnu as soon as possible to unlock, and remove the poison oil (urushiol) that causes your rash. If the rash has already appeared, use Calagel to stop itching, dry oozing, reduce swelling, and to help avoid possible infection. A history of relief. Developed in 1961 during the Cold War years by chemical engineer Dr. Robert Smith, Tecnu was created as an effective waterless cleanser capable of removing radioactive dust from skin and clothing. After years of their children breaking out in rashes caused by poison oak, Dr. Smith's wife, Evelyn, discovered that Tecnu would cleanse away urushiol oil after exposure to poison oak or ivy plants. Tecnu has since become standard-issue in first aid kits of outdoor professionals across the United States. Don't let the rash stop you from living your life outdoors, stock your first aid kits with Tecnu brand products like Tecnu and Calagel so you can keep your adventure going! Pink vs. Clear what will you use? No drippy pink mess here! Calagel's clear, hydrocortisone-free antihistamine gel stays where you put it! The old-fashioned runny pink calamine lotion. Calagel's clear gel clings, doesn't run. Get the rapid relief you're looking for without getting messy pink fluid on your skin and clothes. Calagel dries quickly, leaving behind an invisible anti-itch skin protectant shield on your tender skin. Unlike the messy alternatives, Calagel's unique formula delivers the 5 A's of poison oak/ivy/sumac rash care! With Calagel the difference is clear!

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