Ivarest Poison Ivy Itch Spray, Maximum Strength 3.4 Fl Oz

Quick relief spray. Also great for insect bites. No Rub, No Mess: Stays where you spray it to protect affected area. Soothes Skin Fast: Relieves itch and pain, comforts irritated skin. Poison Ivy, oak & sumac, insect bites, minor skin irritations. Soothes the itch and comforts skin fast. 1. Analgesic Soothes skin fast Relieves itch and pain. 2. Skin Protectant Helps to dry the oozing and weeping of poison plant reactions. No rub, no mess application - stays where you spray it. Effectively Stops Itching Caused by: Poison ivy, oak & sumac; Insect bites; minor skin irritations. Protect irritated skin. Cools and comfort on contact. Goes on clear and colorless - won't stain fabric.

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