Band Aid Adhesive Bandages, All One Size, Bonus 26 Ea

1 in x 3-1/4 in. 30% more. 6 extra. 20 all one size + 6 bonus = 26 total bandages. Quiltvent technology. Creates air channels for superior breathability. Wicks away blood to keep wounds clean. Heals the hurt faster. Inside every Tough Strips bandage you'll find these unique technologies. Greater Durability: Dura-Weave fabric for heavy-duty protection. Superior Adhesive: Super-stick adhesive to stay on longer. Non-Stick Pad: Hurt-Free pad that won't stick to the wound for gentle removal. Not intended for use on sensitive or delicate skin. A covered wound heals faster than an uncovered one. The makers of Band-Aid Brand do not manufacture store brand products. FSC: Mix packaging from responsible sources. Made in Brazil.

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