Nauzene For Nausea, Liquid, Wild Cherry Flavor 4 Oz

Other Information: Sodium content 193 mg/tablespoon (15 ml). Store at room temperature. Contents Sealed: Each bottle of Nauzene Liquid has a tamper evident seal around the cap and a safety seal under the cap. Do not use if either of these seals appears broken. Note: Nauzene is not intended as a substitute for a balanced nutritional diet or as an electrolyte replenishment. Misc: New. With Electrolyte-S10 (ALVA-AMCO trade name for sodium citrate dihydrate is Electrolyte-S10). For relief of upset stomach including nausea. Prompt relief. No aspirin. No salicylates. 4 minute formula (In laboratory tests, Nauzene reaches 99% of its neutralizing ability within 4 minutes). Great tasting for the whole family. No chalky taste. No medicinal flavor. No bitter aftertaste. Just delicious, prompt relief! Made and printed in USA.

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