Similasan Cough Relief, Kids, 2 And Up 4 Oz

Homeopathic. Soothes & comforts dry/hacking cough; hoarse throat. Safe for kids 2 and up. 100% natural active ingredients. Naturally sweet. Original Swiss formula. For over 25 years, our original Swiss formulas - made with 100% natural active ingredients - have been providing families with remedies that are naturally effective and safe and whose active ingredients have no known side effects or drug interactions. Active ingredients are microdiluted in accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, and are therefore non-toxic and have no known side effects. At Similasan, we understand you want your child to feel better. We created Similasan Kids Cough Relief syrup to stimulate the body's natural ability to relieve the symptoms of a dry, hacking cough. Kids Cough Relief soothes the cough reflex in the throat and lungs so mucus or irritations no longer triggers coughing. Sugar free. Alcohol free. Dye free. Chemical free. No artificial flavoring. Safe for diabetics. Made in Switzerland.

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