USDA Organic. Free from dyes, artificial flavors, and unnecessary preservatives. No gluten, dairy or soy dyes, parabens or alcohol artificial colors or flavors unnecessary preservatives. Gluten free. Certified organic by Organic Certified. Made with elderberry. We are parents too! That's why we've created safe, high-quality products that are consistent with our belief that ingredients really do matter. The best part is, we use organic ingredients whenever possible, and leave out all of the unnecessary preservatives, dyes, chemicals and additives. You can rest easy knowing we've done the worrying for you because we know good products don't need bad ingredients. Each Wellements Pop is made with yummy Organic Black Elderberry Extract. Enjoy one pop a day! Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. Follow us online for special offers! wellements.com. Questions: visit wellements.com or call 800-255-2690.

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