U by Kotex Sleek Tampons, Plastic Applicator, Super, Unscented

Full size applicator! Get a hold of confident period protection. PerfectTouch Grip. Smooth tip for easy insertion. PerfectTouch Grip for just right placement. Slim size for your comfort. No. 76 Myth or fact? A trip to the gym reduces period blues. Fact: Exercise releases endorphins which gives you a natural high. So if your period has you down, get your heart pumping doing your favorite workout. ubykotex.com. Tampon Absorbency Ranges: These absorbency ranges and their corresponding terms are required to be used by all tampon manufacturers to indicate the amount of fluid absorbed using a standard laboratory test. Use the standardized absorbency ranges and terms to make comparisons between tampons of all manufacturers. Regular: 9-12 g. Choose the minimum absorbency necessary to control your menstrual flow in order to reduce the risk of contracting TSS. Made in Mexico.

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