Tinactin Athlete's Foot Super Absorbent Powder, Tolnaftate 1% Antifungal AF Treatment, Proven Clinically Effective Treatment of Most Athlete’s Foot, Keeps Feet Dry, 3.8 Ounces (108 Grams) Bottle

Athletes with sweaty feet rejoice! Effective, and affordable, Tinactin Athlete's Foot Super Absorbent Powder relieves the itchy skin between your toes and on your body caused by tinea pedis (athlete's foot) and tinea corporis (jock itch). If you suffer from recurring athlete's foot or jock itch - especially over large areas of skin - Tinactin is for you. It goes on easily and leaves your skin nice and dry. This first aid powder treatment for athlete's foot contains 1% tolnaftate, which is proven clinically effective for the treatment of most athlete's foot. Choose the tougher-than-fungus antifungal power of specially formulated Tinactin Super Absorbent Powder to cure most athlete's foot and prevent it from recurring when used daily. RELIEVES ITCHY SKIN FAST: Treat the burning, itchy skin of athlete's foot with Tinactin antifungal powder for athlete's foot fungus, which goes on dry, absorbs sweat, and helps to control odor. CURES AND PREVENTS: Tinactin is proven clinically effective in the treatment of most athlete's foot and helps prevent it from recurring, when used daily as directed. CONTAINS TOLNAFTATE 1%: Choose this anti-fungal treatment ingredient to relieve chronic itchy skin from athlete's foot (tinea pedis) and ringworm (tinea corporis). TREATS LARGE AREAS: This convenient, no-touch first aid powder treatment for athlete's foot relieves the itching between your toes, as well as on the sides and soles of your feet. ABSORBS MOISTURE: This super absorbent foot powder has been specially formulated to keep your feet dry, which aids in the prevention of athlete's foot fungus.

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