Model 756-5. Standard Size 12 inches x 15 inches. Featuring Ultraheat technology. For fast, consistent heat. Ultra-fast heat-up for deep, penetrating heat. Soft, machine washable cover. 9 feet extra long cord. Easy-to-use controls especially for arthritis sufferers. 3 heat settings. 5 year limited warranty. Vaporizers relieve discomfort associated with congestion caused by colds and flu. Humidifiers effectively add moisture to dry air conditions. Reusable Hot & Cold Packs help relieve pain and swelling. Mobile heat therapy helps relieve pain and relax muscles. One size fits all. Odorless and greaseless. All natural ingredients. Your Sunbeam heating pad is specially designed to fit a variety of areas. 5 year limited warranty. See instruction manual inside for warranty details. Do not return this product to place of purchase. If You Have Questions Regarding This Warranty, Visit Our Website at: The product you buy may differ slightly from the one shown on this carton due to continuing product development. UL listed. Made in China.

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