Ultimate spa in a shower. 20+ showers. Cleanses, exfoliates, massages, moisturizes with shea butter & vitamin E. A revolutionary patented technology foam release system with aromatherapy gives you everything needed to cleanse, gently exfoliate rough skin, massage away stress, and provides optimum moisturizing and skin rejuvenation for beautiful skin from neck to toe. A soothing blend of shea butter to soften skin, vitamin E to help with anti-aging and anti-oxidant protection, and gentle glycerin to cleanse and refresh, provides optimum skin care for 20+ washes. Brighten up your every day with Spongeables! Spongeables products are paraben-free and never tested on animals. Printed on recycled paper. www.spongeables.com. A shower will never be the same. Aromatherapy and clouds of lather to relax and pamper. Finest skin care ingredients for a beautiful compplexion from neck to toe. Your body will never be the same. Whisk away dry skin for a body complexion that's soft and silky. Great to use before self-tanning and sun tanning. Made in Mexico from US components.

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