Hawaiian Tropic Royal Tanning Clear Spray Triple Rich Blend Tanning 6 Oz Aerosol Can

Exotic island botanicals. Skin-nourishing antioxidants. For the natural tan of the islands. Indulge. Pamper. Nourish. A warm sun, island breezes, luxurious oils and a heavenly scent - Hawaiian Tropic Royal Tanning Blend with the richest blend of oils is infused with soothing exotic island botanicals and skin-nourishing antioxidants. Indulge in the sun, and keep your skin soft and radiant! Questions or comments? Call 1-800-No UV Ray, Mon-Fri. No animal testing. No CFCs: Contains no CFCs which deplete the ozone layer. Visit paradise at www.hawaiiantropic.com. Made in USA.

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