Sudden Change Under-Eye Firming Serum

Lines, wrinkles & puffiness disappear in just 3 minutes. For delicate eye area, use daytime or evening to look your best. Last for hours! Sudden Change Serum works unlike anything you have ever used before to make the appearance of wrinkles, lines and puffiness disappear. For a temporary, under-eye lift whenever you need it. This Unique Quick Acting Formula Visibly Smoothes Away: under-eye lines; wrinkles; puffiness; can be used with or w/o foundation; lasts for hours. Results guaranteed (If you notice a dry, white residue on your skin after the serum has dried, moisten your finger slightly and pat the residue lightly until it disappears). For additional directions or information call 1-800-595-6230 or visit CCA: Core Care America. Committed to healthy & beauty. Facebook.

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