L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Anti-Sagging & Even Tone SPF 15 Moisturizer, 2.5 oz.

Other Information: Protect the product in this container from excessive heat and direct sun. Misc: For mature skin. Anti-sagging + anti-age spot hydrating moisturizer. Improves skin density and firmness. Contains soy seed proteins. Formula Essentials: dermatologist tested; non-greasy; non-comedogenic. Your Recommendation Regimen: Step 1: Age Perfect Cleanser. Step 2: Age Perfect Serum. Step 3: Age Perfect Eye Cream. Step 4: AM: Age Perfect Day Cream. PM: Age Perfect Night Cream. Try Excellence Age Perfect. Layered-tone flattering color. Specially developed for mature, gray hair. Find it in the haircolor aisle. Because youre worth it. Why is Age Perfect right for me? Starting with menopause, skin loses up to 30% of its own substance due to hormonal changes, reducing skin's underlying cushion and support. Skin experiences significant changes such as deep dryness, sagging due to a loss of resilience, and an increase in the appearance of age spots. The Innovation: L'Oreal research has developed a formula with a breakthrough complex containing soy seed proteins to help re-firm and re-densify mature skin. Intensive Action: Anti-Sagging Action: With soy seed proteins this formula helps improve elasticity for more toned, supple and resilient skin. Anti-Age Spot Action: With a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) complex to help reduce the appearance of age spots. Deep Hydration: Provides 24-hour hydration and soothes increased dryness. See visible results (Based on consumer evaluation): Immediately: 94% saw more hydrated skin; In 4 Weeks: 85% saw firmer skin. Smoothes and reduces the appearance of surface wrinkles and fine lines; In 8 Weeks: Age spots were visibly reduced. Questions, comments or for personalized skincare advice: 1-800-322-2036. www.LorealParis.com. Made in USA of US and/or imported ingredients.

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