Zim's® Max Cold Sore Moisturizing Protectant 2 g Tube

Misc: Moisturizing protectant with purified propolis extract ACF. Treat symptoms. Apply at the first sign of a cold sore. Softens unsightly sores. Moisturizing relief. Nature & science. Recommended for the relief of cold sores symptoms. Using Zim’s Max-Cold Sore: Apply as soon as symptoms and signs of a cold sore appear; Our special petrolatum formula with purified propolis extract ACF acts on the dryness of the cold sore and softens the crust by locking in moisture. Propolis is made by honeybees and is used to line the entrance of the hive to help keep the hive sterile. The manufacturer of purified propolis extract ACF patented the method for extracting and purified propolis obtained from local beekeepers. The process removes all traces of wax and debris. The patented extract is identified as purified propolis extract ACF and is used in this efficacious formula. www.ZimsUSA.com. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Questions? Call (800) 319-2225 or go to www.zimsusa.com. Made in Canada.

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