Stridex Natural Control Alcohol Free Triangle Pads Acne Medication - 70 CT

Stridex® Naturally Clear™ Alcohol Free Triangle Pads. Triple antioxidants. Proven acne fighter. Natural cleanser. Salicylic acid 1% w/w acne medication. Pomegranate. White tea. Soy. Clear skin, healthy skin. 20% bigger pad*. 70. 5.06 in 2. The natural acne solution with the proven effectiveness of Stridex! 98% natural formula- ingredient from nature to clean & soothe skin, and remove dirt & oil. Triple dose of natural antioxidants - white tea, pomegranate, & soy promote healthy skin. Proven acne-control effective, active medication clears and helps prevent blemishes & blackheads. Alcohol-free formula- cleans skin without over-drying. Uses: For the treatment and management of acne. Reduces the number of acne pimples and blackheads and allows the skin to heal. 20% bigger, triangle pads: enhanced cleansing and acne-fighting through greater coverage and control.* Large, triangle pad - provides more coverage & is easy to handle. Soft-textured pad - for great cleansing with a great feel. *20% bigger pad than typical acne pad products. Helps to prevent new acne pimples from forming. Satisfaction guaranteed Blistex®. © 2011 Blistex Inc.

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