Redmond Toothpowder 1.8 oz

Vegan. Gluten free. Live your journey. Simple, clean and real. Amazingly natural toothpowder. Simple ingredients. Amazingly natural results. Earthpowder naturally polishes away surface stains without any chemicals or additives. Start with a wet toothbrush, then coat your bristles with a quick dip into Earthpowder. Brush like you would toothpaste. You'll be amazed how clean your mouth feels! Earthpowder whitens naturally. Redmond Earthpowder is made with nature's perfect polisher to remove surface stains without needing to add any bleach or synthetic ingredients. Claim your Earthpowder. Share a bathroom? Get your own jar and label the lid! Simple+clean+real. Redmond is known for great products and a unique way of doing business. All natural. No fluoride. No SLS. No coloring. Stay connected: Facebook; Instagram; Twitter. Please recycle package.

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