Crest® Pro-Health™ Sensitive & Enamel Shield Fluoride Toothpaste 3.7 oz. Box

Advance to Healthier Gums and Stronger Teeth with Crest Pro-Health Sensitive & Enamel Shield Toothpaste* . This toothpaste builds increasing protection against painful tooth sensitivity. It also binds to and strengthens tooth enamel and protects against enamel loss.*Fights plaque and gingivitis. Strengthens Protects against painful tooth sensitivity Binds to and strengthens enamel Protects against enamel loss; Healthier gums by preventing gingivitis Stronger teeth by strengthening enamel; Protects 7 areas dentist check:-Cavities-Gingivitis-Plaque-Sensitivity-Tartar-Whitening-Freshens Breath

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