Aquafresh® Advanced 2x Enamel Strengthening Action Fresh Mint Fluoride Toothpaste 5.6 oz. Tube

Gently whitens with regular brushing. Healthy gums. Strong teeth. Fresh breath. Triple protection. Strengthens teeth from the inside out. 2x enamel strengthening (in lab tests vs regular Aquafresh) (Aquafresh Advanced has been shown in laboratory studies to have 2x the enamel strengthening action of regular Aquafresh) action - deep strengthening action. Deep strengthening formula. Dentist recommended active ingredient. Aquafresh Advanced offers advanced protection for you and your family - when you brush it not only fights cavities and plaque - it promotes healthy gums, gently whitens teeth and delivers fluoride which provides lasting enamel protection to work even between brushing. Strengthening teeth from the inside out. Our deep strengthening formulation keeps enamel stronger by helping to lock out plaque acid attack and lock in vital minerals. Our Freshest Ever mint leaves your whole mouth feeling refreshingly clean. Made in Taiwan.

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