Oral B 3D White Toothbrush, Vivid, Soft

Removes surface stains. With polishing cups. Works with toothpastes to whiten by polishing away surface stains. This Brush Features: Polishing Cups: Center bristles hold toothpaste to polish away surface stains for a naturally whiter smile. PowerTip Bristles: Extra long bristles to help clean hard to reach places. Indicator Bristles: Blue Indicator Bristles fade halfway so you know when you replace your brush. Dentists recommend changing your brush every 3 months. A new toothbrush can remove up to 30% more plaque than one 3 months old (research with a flat trim manual brush). Recommended to use with: Crest 3D White Toothpaste - It can remove up to 80% of surface stains. For more oral care information visit: www.OralB.com. Patents: www.pg.com/patents. Built in the USA.

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