Plus White Xtra Whitening Every Day Whitening Toothpaste with Tartar Control, Clean Mint Paste

Double action stain removers. With peroxide. Xtra whiteners remove stains fast. Fluoride protection. Xtra whitening for whiter, brighter teeth, fast! With the benefits of peroxide in addition to Plus White's double action stain removal formula, Plus White Xtra Whitening with Peroxide will provide you with a new level of whitening and cleaning, and overall oral health care. Its unique double action stain removal formula plus peroxide reaches deep between teeth and gum lines to gently lift away food particles and remove stains that regular brushing can't reach. Plus White toothpaste also contains fluoride to protect your teeth against cavities, while the long-lasting minty taste leaves your mouth feeling refreshed every time you brush. Contains no animal fat. Manufactured in Canada.

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