Parodontax Whitening Daily Fluoride Anticavity and Antigingivitis Toothpaste 3.4 oz

Other Information: Products containing stannous fluoride may produce surface staining of the teeth. Adequate toothbrushing may prevent these stains which are not harmful or permanent and may be removed by your dentist. This product is specially formulated to help prevent staining. Store below 25 degrees C (77 degrees F). Gsk. Clinically proven. Healthy gums and strong teeth. Helps prevent bleeding gums. Plaque builds up. Gums swell and bleed. Parodontax helps remove plaque. Healthy gums don't bleed if you spit blood when you brush or floss it could be a sign of early gum disease. Parodontax is clinically proven to help reduce bleeding gums by removing the plaque buildup that can cause gums to swell and bleed. Parodontax is a daily fluoride toothpaste that also prevents cavities, provides fresh breath and whitening - for healthy gums and strong teeth. Always follow the label. Questions or comments? Call toll-free 1-855-328-5202.

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