Orabrush Tongue Foam, Mild Mint

60 uses. 100% natural. As seen on You Tube. Cool refreshing taste. Orabrush Tongue foam with Orazyme builds your mouth's natural defenses with 7 all-natural enzymes. Removes bacteria to help cure bad breath now. 7 enzymes actively build your mouth's natural bad breath defenses. 100% natural. Patent-pending foaming action. No alcohol or burn. 90% of bad breath comes from a dirty tongue! It's preemptive war! There's an epic battle in your mouth between good bacteria and bad breath bacteria. Orabursh Tongue Foam with Orazyme is armed with 7 all-natural enzymes that build up the good bacteria in order to protect against future bad breath attacks - without killing your mouth's natural defenses against odor-causing bacteria. The more you use Orabursh Tongue Foam, the more you strengthen your mouth's natural defenses. Death to future bad breath! Made in the USA.

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