Mentadent® Refreshing Mint Advanced Whitening Toothpaste Refill 5.25 oz. Box

Noticeably whiter teeth. The ingredients dentists recommend most for the care of teeth and gums. For Healthy Teeth and Gums: Brush with a fluoride toothpaste twice a day, or as recommended by a dentist. Use dental floss daily. Have regular dental check-ups. Baking soda & peroxide are kept separate and fresh. The ingredients combine to create active powerful oxygen bubbles. Bubbling action formula breaks down stains and leaves teeth noticeably whiter. Advanced Whitening Formula: Begins to whiten teeth immediately for visible results in as little as two weeks. Helps prevent cavities. Removes plaque with proper brushing. Helps stop new tartar build-up before it forms. Freshens breath. Easy to use refill. When your Mentadent pump is empty, simply remove the empty cartridge and insert the refill. It's easy, clean and convenient. Note: This refill cartridge must be used with a base from a full size Mentadent; it will not function as a stand-alone unit. Base not included.

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