Aquafresh Extreme Clean Fluoride Toothpaste, Whitening Action, Travel Size

With micro-active foaming action & whitening. Airline approved to go. For whiter teeth. Airline approved. Triple protection. For whiter teeth. Take the feeling of clean to the extreme. Healthy gums. Strong teeth. Fresh breath. With all the Triple Protection benefits of Aquafresh, the Extreme Clean brand's dynamic micro-active foam showers your whole mouth with germ killing bubbles, helps to protect teeth with fluoride, and helps to maintain healthy gums with regular brushing. Our professionally developed micro polishing system carefully polishes teeth smooth making them stay cleaner & whiter for longer (Scientific testing shows that after only one tube you'll be left with significantly cleaner, smoother teeth than with a regular toothpaste) and seeks out hard to reach places - in between teeth & even the back of your tongue - fighting the sources of bad breath. Aquafresh Extreme Clean Whitening Action toothpaste rinses clean and clear, leaving nothing behind but polished, clean, white teeth and has a distinctive invigorating mint flavor that leaves an icy cool, sparkling feeling long after you brush.

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