Maxim Contour Pantiliners, Ultra Thin

Individually wrapped. 100% Natural cotton. Hypo-allergenic. Light days. Unscented. 100% Natural cotton % eco-friendly. Hypoallergenic. Chlorine - dioxin free. No chemicals, viscose or rayon. All our organic and natural feminine hygiene products are hypoallergenic, designed with quality materials and comfort in mind for today's active woman. This product adheres to the follow standards to keep your body and earth safe: 100% certified organic cotton. Pesticide and viscose/rayon free. Chlorine and dioxin free: we use hydrogen peroxide in the cotton bleaching process instead of chlorine. Perfume free: Unscented for sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic: Allergy and irritation free. Eco-friendly: Biodegradeable products and environmental friendly packaging. Cellulose fluff pulp free: We do not use natural tree cellulose pulp in order to help preserver our forests. Made with your comfort in mind: Our unique design provides the safest product, without compromising on the comfort you may have with other retail brand equivalents. By choosing Maxim products, you are using your purchase power to support your values for the health of the planet and body. Made in E.U.

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