Odor-Eaters Stink Stoppers For Kids & Teens Odor-Killing Dry Spray Fresh Sport Scent

Attacks foot odor 3 ways. Absorbs. Traps. Neutralizes. Long lasting! Talc-free. Kids and teens put their feet and footwear through some serious odor-producing experiences! Water, mud, snow and heat are just a few things that increase foot odor. Stink Stoppers can help. Stink Stoppers Fresh Generation odor-eliminating spray goes on dry and is effective enough to stop even kids' and teens' foot odor in its tracks. it's an advanced weapon in the fight to keep feet and whatever they're wearing fresher longer. Combines three proven odor fighters. Latches onto and neutralizes odor molecules. Leaves behind a fresh, sporty scent that kids and teens prefer. Easy to Use Package: Narrower than the typical can for easier grip; Spray trigger is easier to reach, aim and press; No cap to lose. Stink Stoppers pray can be applied on feet and in shoes, sneakers, or cleats before or after wearing to eliminate odor. Satisfaction guaranteed. Made in Canada.

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