Midol, Caffeine Free, Menstrual Period Symptoms Relief Including Premenstrual Cramps, Pain, Headache, and Bloating, For Teens and Adults, Caplets, 24 Count

What does PMS mean to you? Does it mean menstrual cramps, headache, backache, and muscle aches? When you define the signs of PMS, do you come up with an overwhelming mess of PMS symptoms that plague your body before and during your menstrual cycle? Midol can help relieve your uncomfortable, even painful, period symptoms such as cramps and bloating. With its combination of powerful ingredients and no caffeine, Midol tackles many common premenstrual syndrome woes. Plus, it can be used by teens 12 years and older. Midol contains acetaminophen for pain relief and pamabrom diuretic for water retention. Choose Midol when you need a PMS treatment for more than just period pain. These caplets can treat your period symptoms such as: menstrual cramps, backache, muscle aches, headache, bloating, and water weight... because you deserve it! PROVIDES PMS RELIEF: Choose Midol for caffeine-free relief for the common symptoms of PMS, including headache, water-weight gain, menstrual cramps, backache, muscle aches, and bloating. EXCLUSIVE COMBINATION OF INGREDIENTS: Midol offers an extra strength formula that includes acetaminophen (a pain reliever), as well as pamabrom (a diuretic) to combat water retention. FOR TEENS AND ADULTS: Midol is recommended for use by adults and children 12 years and older. This means that teens can rely on Midol for relief of cramps and other period symptoms, too, without caffeine. MAXIMUM STRENGTH PAIN RELIEVER: Midol caffeine-free caplets contain 500 mg of acetaminophen and 25 mg of pamabrom. Plus, Midol is aspirin-free. CONTAINS NO CAFFEINE: Choose caffeine-free Midol for period symptoms, day and night. It's ideal for teens and people who want no caffeine with their medication.

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