With 100% natural inulin fiber. Flavor free. Taste free. Grit free. 5 g fiber per serving. Sugar free. Not a low calorie product. Get the fiber you need, free of flavor, taste and grit. Clear & Natural fiber supplement is virtually undetectable in almost anything - giving you the freedom to add it to most of your favorite beverages, foods or recipes. Just a simple shake, sprinkle or spoonful is all it takes to get your daily fiber. Get creative! Breakfast - 1 tsp in coffee or juice = 5 g. Lunch - 1 tsp in soup or yogurt = 5 g. Snack - 1 tsp in a smoothie or 8 oz glass of water = 5 g. Dinner - 2 tsp sprinkled into a recipe or over entree = 10 g. Learn more about the healthy benefits of fiber, Clear & Natural and other Metamucil products at Made in Belgium, packaged in the USA.

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