Dome SelfGrip Tape & Bandage, Athletic, Self-Adhering, Maximum Support, 4 Inch Roll, Beige

One - 4 inch roll - beige. No pins or clips. Easy to tear. Trainer recommended for adults & children. USA Triathlon: Official athletic tape. Water resistant. Athletes rely on SelfGrip to help them achieve peak performance through maximum support and firm compression to their ligaments, tendons and muscles. SelfGrip's unique 98% cotton and 2% latex woven technology allows it to adhere securely to itself without the use of pins or clips. Additionally, SelfGrip does not stick to hair or skin. SelfGrip is hand-washable and reusable. The exclusive properties of SelfGrip allow it to maintain a firm grip while you move and sweat. SelfGrip stays tight even when submerged under water. SelfGrip also is excellent as a secondary bandage over sterile gauze. Visit our instructional taping videos at Elbow. Knee. Wrist. R.I.C.E. Rest: Reduce activity. Ice: Apply ice or EverCool therapy wrap to the injured area with cold compress. Compression: Use a SelfGrip self-adhering bandage to apply compression to your injury. Elevation: Elevate the injured area above the rest of the body. For maximum comfort the following bandage widths are recommended: Finger, Wrist: 1 inch or 2 inch. Ankle, Foot, Elbow: 2 inch or 3 inch. Knee, Leg: 3 inch or 4 inch. Minimum unstretched length 70 in/1.77 m. Dome guarantees customer satisfaction or your money back. Made in USA.

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